Local and family-owned “Differnt Systems” is celebrating five years in business and announcing significant branding updates along with new product offerings in cyber security. The forward-thinking technology consulting, development, and implementation firm headquartered in Ventnor Heights serves bespoke solutions to businesses of any size in healthcare, gaming, government, hospitality, logistics, and beyond.

“Our new name emphasizes our commitment to tailored solutions that ensure every client’s unique needs are more than just met, but also celebrated,” said Francisco Vizcaino-Martinez, CTO at Differnt.

“We’re building a legacy for future generations in technology, anchoring it with New Jersey research institutions, shaping internships, and providing educational opportunities to nurture the next wave of leaders for Differnt,” said Frank Vizcaino-Marmol, COO at Different.

“What truly makes us ‘Differnt’ is our sense of responsibility to take care of the communities that take care of us,” said Sage Del Valle, CEO at Differnt. “Community is at the core of our business because we believe strongly in supporting reciprocity and the impact it has for people locally.”

Differnt’s core local staff works with 50 team members globally to deliver expert solutions in custom software, automation, and robust cloud infrastructures. This summer, Differnt will hire five New Jersey students representing diverse backgrounds for a 10-week internship at their Ventnor office.

From their own humble beginnings inside Stockton University dorms and cafeterias, Del Valle and Vizcaino-Martinez have built trusted client relationships with Ocean Casino Resort, Hard Rock, Showboat, Netflix, Amazon, StubHub, PBS, and the New Jersey Department of State, among many other leading institutions. Differnt’s central ethos of reciprocity has also fueled philanthropic partnerships with the YWCA, Sovereign Avenue School, Stockton Esports, and the Atlantic City Arts Foundation.

“As an active member of the Greater Atlantic City Chamber, Differnt epitomizes the spirit of our local business community,” said Michael Chait, President of the Greater Atlantic City Chamber. “Their journey from a homegrown startup to a thriving tech company showcases the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation of our region.”

Differnt (formerly F&S Digital) is a member of both the Greater Atlantic City Chamber and the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Cape May and was named Best New Family-Owned Business of 2022 by Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Rothman Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

In the coming year, Differnt Systems will open satellite offices in New York, Nevada, and Philadelphia to support its expanding client network and talent base.

Learn more and find career opportunities at www.differnt.com.