Even as a teenager, Shawnea Byrd’s room was the place to go shopping.

Curating her purchases with care and style, she displayed them on the walls of her little bedroom in Sharon Hill and invited friends to come over to pick out the outfit they needed or just check out her latest finds.

Her vision was always to make that personal walk-in closet experience she’d shared with friends into a full-fledged boutique.

And it was in Atlantic City, along a stretch of Atlantic Avenue that once was part of a busy hub of fashionable shopping, where Byrd, who also works full time at nearby Caesars Atlantic City as a bartender, has made that vision into a reality: Nay’s Closet.

With its cute French Eiffel Tower motif on the front door at 2724 Atlantic Ave., Nay’s Closet stands out for its ambition and style, and for being a rare Black-owned store in a city whose shopping experiences are dominated by casinos, discount stores and national outlets. Read More from Press of Atlantic City.