The pandemic taught us many lessons. One very big lesson was learning the importance of how we work and where we work. With so many people opting to work remotely, it can be a challenge to stay focused with family life swirling around and to achieve that important work-family balance.

Krista and Christopher Baum recently opened their doors on Shore Space in Brigantine, a beautiful coworking and event space that offers a workspace for a day, a week, or whatever serves the individual needs best. “We have people that will come in every day to work, some that will drop in for several days while they are visiting the area, and we have clients that reserve the entire space for corporate offsite meetings or to conduct interviews,” said Krista Baum. “We have hosted book launches, numerous DIY workshops, and Brigantine Beach Girl’s Weekend, to name a few. Our clients are looking for flexibility, and we want to provide that flexibility in a beautiful, convenient space that works for them.”

It was a personal experience that encouraged the Baum’s to create Shore Space. The couple was living in Pennsylvania with their two children and spending weekends at their home in Brigantine. When the pandemic hit, Krista and Christopher moved to their Brigantine home and worked from home. What they discovered during that time was they preferred the pace of life and the atmosphere of living near the water and made Brigantine their permanent address.

Baum said they have worked diligently to design a space that will help them establish a set work schedule, allowing clients to work efficiently and hopefully maximize their productivity so they can have the work/life balance that works best for them.

Shore Space offers simplified pricing that allows access to the entire space. Although each piece of furniture is moveable in order to customize and fit what the client needs, the workspace options include 55-inch-wide desks that can easily accommodate two monitors along with generous and comfortable office chairs. There are “phone booths” for video conferencing that give privacy and do not interrupt anyone working in their own quiet space. There is even a bike desk for those who want to keep their legs moving while they work.

Even while working, there may be a need to take a break, so the Baum’s have included a kitchenette with coffee, tea, and snacks, as well as a lounge area with a surfboard table overlooking the street. There is a plant wall that gives serenity to the space and makes for a great backdrop. Because Shore Space is centrally located in Brigantine, it is just steps to local spots to pick up lunch. “If our clients need to step out for a breath of fresh air or change of scenery, we are only a block from the beach or a block from the bay,” added Baum.

A very important feature of Shore Space is the access to secure high-speed internet. As Baum explained, internet signals on Brigantine may fluctuate, and outages are not uncommon during bad weather. To eliminate any issues with the internet, Shore Space has a generator to make sure clients will never have to worry about losing their signal.

If an event is on your upcoming schedule, Shore Space is able to accommodate you. What was office space can easily be customized by rearranging the pieces. Baum said clients can bring in their food for the event, or she can plan the entire event. “Brigantine is such a great community with so many outstanding shops and restaurants. We can connect our clients with other local business partners to help make whatever type of event they are hosting; a bridal shower, corporate retreat, or an anniversary a big hit.”

The pricing at Shore Space for coworking is simple, with no membership fees involved. It is $49 per day, or a five-day pass for $199. The five-day option comes with a 10% discount on a future day pass, plus a discount for event space rental.

Whether you are an entrepreneur building a business, have a flexible work arrangement, or are a seasoned executive, Shore Space is a community of professionals from different companies, projects, and industries. Let Shore Space make your work day better and your next event a memorable one.

Call for details and reservations at 609-739-1904 or visit