With key partners across sectors in the region and State, Rutgers Senator Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs, or WRI, is uniquely poised to engage in research that is responsive to the issues of the day in Southern New Jersey. Transportation continues to be a key priority for Southern New Jersey, and WRI recognized the need for additional research into the challenges and opportunities in that area. WRI is pleased to share with you the Transportation Accessibility in Southern New Jersey: Barriers, Effects, and Considerations Report.

The goal of this report was to synthesize ten years of data from a variety of WRI’s research projects to outline, explore, and highlight the role and impact of public transportation. Data reveal how Southern New Jersey residents mobilize themselves, barriers residents face in transportation options, the effects of these gaps, and how residents and communities navigate transportation needs.

With this research, we can connect the findings to the initiatives, programs, and projects that are underway in meeting transportation needs across Southern New Jersey, and highlight existing challenges for further consideration and action that close gaps and build upon the region’s progress. Read WRI’s report.