The first “Meet the Prime Contractors” virtual meeting hosted by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, NJ Wind Port construction project management team AECOM Tishman, and the Southern New Jersey Development Council will be held on Thursday, February 17 from 10 AM to 11 AM. If you have not already done so, you can register by clicking here

The first “Meet the Prime Contractors” meeting will focus on the Test Pile and Earthworks contracts. Below is the list of services/items identified as open and available.


1. Fuel for Company Vehicles
2. Fuel provider for equipment
3. General Construction Supplies/Small Tools
4. Food/Dining
5. Restroom facilities
6. Dumpsters
7. Trailers/Office cleaning
8. Progress Photos
9. Rebar Subcontractors
10. Site/Layout Subcontractors
11. Misc. Metals and Structural Steel
12. Landscaping
13. Signs, hard hats, vests, branding, etc.
14. Office Supplies; Furniture; stationary
15. Trucking
16. Utility vehicles
17. Surveying (waterside)
18. Watercraft -safety/rescue
19. Water – water cooler/canteen business
20. Medical trailer/COVID testing; first aid kits
21. Security: check points, cameras/pole
22. Drones
23. Electrical: poles/transformers AMP panels
24. IT: desktops, laptops, iPads, software licenses; site server packages; two-way radio; printers (b&w/laser); wide format plotter; copiers
25. Internet access (T1) purchase/installation, monthly
26. FedEx messenger service; printing
27. Fencing & temporary steps
28. Trailers: renal & fit-out; dismantle & removal; skirting; maintenance
29. Pest control
30. Temporary weigh station rental
31. Rubbish removal; general debris dumpster
32. Road maintenance