“There are many reasons that businesses should consider being members of the Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce. The Press of Atlantic City is a member and has been for many years. Why do we continue to be members? We do so because we find value in many of the programs that they offer. For us, their networking sessions, Governmental Advocacy work, events and local workshops are all things that are important to us and important to all in our community. The Press has also had a Board seat on the Chamber Board for many years. As a Board member I would venture to guess that most small businesses who haven’t been active in our local Chamber would be surprised as well as impressed to learn all that the Chamber is doing and has done to help local businesses survive and grow. Today, business owners have to see value in everything that they do. From our perspective, the Chamber provides substantial value for our investment. Although it’s sometimes difficult to specifically measure, once you get involved, it will become evident. I would advocate that you either continue your membership in our Chamber or, if you’re not already a member, become one and see first-hand how it can help you and your business survive and grow!”

-Mark Blum, Publisher
The Press of Atlantic City